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Funding Request
Please fill out the funding request form below for all funding requests.

If your request is related to medical assistance please use the following form: Telemiracle Foundation Contact Form.

Please make sure that you fill out all fields that apply.

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Position within Organization:
Amount of funding request:
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What is the organization's structure?
Where will the funds be used?
What recognition will the Kinsmen Club receive?
Follow-up procedure if we say "Yes":
Is this Organization located in Saskatoon?

Have any other groups been approached regarding fundraising?

Are there financial statements for this organization?

Is this the first time coming to the club for money?

Are you coming out to the club to make a presentation?

Will this project proceed without funding from Kinsmen?

Memo of understanding required prior to final club approval?

Request Details (How will the funds be used):
Kinsmen Arena
Kinsmen Car Awards
Kinsmen History
Kinsmen Home Lottery
Kinsmen Inner City Hockey League
Kinsmen Kids Day at the Zoo
Kinsmen Manor
Kinsmen Movie Day
Kinsmen Park
Kinsmen Soccer Cente and Field
Kinsmen Special Needs Shopping Night
Kinsmen Sports Celebrity Dinner
Kinsmen Tackle Football League
Kinsmen Telemiracle
Kinsmen Track and Field Championships
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