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Chase the Ace
Kinsmen Chase the Ace
You've heard the buzz, you've seen the news, you've been waiting to play...

...and your wait is over! We're bringing the hype to Saskatoon!


The Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon is excited to introduce it's newest fundraiser called "Chase the Ace". This lottery phenomenon from the east is an exciting game with similarities to that of a 50:50, but with an exciting Progressive Jackpot twist! See here... and especially here!

Here's how it works!


Every week the Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon will be selling tickets for a new "weekly draw". This weekly draw occurs every Thursday at 9:15pm. Tickets will be sold in person between 7pm and 9pm that night at the Cosmopolitan Senior Citizens Center (beside the Hose & Hydrant) or online.

The weekly draw winner receives 20% of the weekly ticket sales! In addition, the draw winner also receives a chance to draw a single card from a deck of cards with hopes of winning the Chase the Ace Progressive Jackpot, which includes the other 30% of the weekly sales. To make things extra exciting, we've started the Chase the Ace Progressive Jackpot at $5,000!!!

The objective is to draw the "Ace of Spades". However, if the card drawn is not the Ace of Spades, the card is ripped up and removed, increasing chances for future players! Then the whole process repeats for the following weeks draw.

If you were adventurous enough to click the link in "you've seen the news" then you'll understand the excitement of this lottery! With a guaranteed winner each week, we're hoping you're one!


In Person:
Every Thursday between 7:00pm and 9:00pm

Cosmopolitan Senior Citizens Center
614 11th Street East
(Beside the Hose & Hydrant, just off Broadway)
Food &amo; Drink will be available

Tickets available online at: BUY TICKETS


Can be purchased anytime!

Ticket Pricing:
1 Ticket - $5
3 Tickets - $10
10 Tickets - $20

  • After the ticket sales conclude (sales close Thursday at 9pm), the draw for the lucky winning ticket will begin
  • The winning ticket holder is given 15 minutes to either come forward with their winning ticket and/or ID to verify, or answer the phone call made to the number provided
  • If no person comes forward within the designated 15 minute timeframe, and the winner can't be reached by phone (answering machines or voicemail don't count), then the draw will be done again. This will continue until the winner is present or is contacted.
  • If the winner is contacted by telephone, but is unable to attend the event for whatever reason, a sponsor designated individual will be nominated to draw the card on the winners behalf.

As a local volunteer organization, we take great pride in supporting the many good charities and organizations that come to us for support and thank you to all who enable us to execute on our humble slogan, "Serving the Community's Greatest Need"!

Look forward to seeing you Thursday evening!

Lottery Licence #LR16-0103
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