Kinsmen Foundation

This foundation was created in 2011 and operates as an endowment fund to help our ever-changing community. This allows charitable donations to be made towards the club providing an opportunity for Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon to build financial stability and longevity for future endeavours and initiatives.

Our goal is to continue to “Serve the Community’s Greatest Needs” for years to come. 

Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon

What is an Endowment Fund?

Think of an endowment fund as a way for charities to save money for a rainy day. As a service club, we strive to be willing and able to help as many local initiatives and programs as we can. By having an endowment fund we can secure our ability to help Saskatoon as it grows. 

What Does the Fund Service?

The proceeds from our endowment fund go back to our beautiful city in various ways:

  • Multiple sports programming for youth run through core area schools
  • Kinsmen music & sports scholarships
  • Special Needs facilities 
  • City Parks 
  • Pivotal groups or non-profits who would otherwise have no assistance

How Can I Donate?

If you aren’t able to attend one of our fundraisers then making a direct donation to the Kinsmen Foundation is the next best thing! 

  • Contact us directly to donate 
  • Visit the Saskatoon Community Foundation and donate to the KCOS

All donations will be given a charitable tax receipt! 

We would like to thank for your donation to our service club. We take great pride in listening to our community and helping to revitalize our great city!

We create initiatives that raise funds for non-profit organizations and charities

Work with us to help improve our community