Part of our commitment to the community is to provide free events that bring the vibrant people of Saskatoon together. At Kinsmen, our focus is to create free outings for families that make new memories. We also put emphasis on sharing moments with your friends and neighbours. That is why a portion of our yearly donations help fund (or partially fund) many local events. Throughout the year we advertise these events on our Facebook page so that we can engage with as many people in our community as possible.

Movie Day

Imagine a cozy winter afternoon with your family at the Broadway Theatre. Relax, have some laughs as you watch a family movie and feast on popcorn and snacks!

Track & Field Championships

Saskatoon elementary school track teams enjoy this two-day annual event at the end of March. As a title sponsor, the Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon helps promote healthy active living amongst the youth in our community.

Sum Theatre in the Park

Catch live theatre in the park this summer! Audiences of all ages can enjoy the grassroots performances of Sum Theatre. A fast-growing independent theatre company that writes, directs, and performs shows about innovation, community, inclusion, accessibility, and fun!

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