Sum Theatre in the Park

Catch live theatre in the park this summer! Audiences of all ages can enjoy the grassroots performances of Sum Theatre. A fast-growing independent theatre company that writes, directs, and performs shows about innovation, community, inclusion, accessibility, and fun!

Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon is proud to be a sponsor for Sum Theatre in the Park. As a non-profit theatre troop, they do not pass a hat for donations at their events as they rely on sponsors like Kinsmen Club. Supporting this ongoing summer event ensures that the community of Saskatoon has access to the arts. Shows include music, meaningful stories, humour, and much more. As part of Sum theatre’s mission to “build community through theatre experiences for everyone” you may be asked to have fun, talk, and engage with local residents as part of the show.

Sum Shows

  • 2013 Alice in Wonderland
  • 2016 Little Bader & the Fire Spirit
  • 2018 Lancelot Knight

Sum Theatre presents over 20 shows during the summer performing for over 8,000 local residents. To learn more about park locations and showtimes please visit Sum Theatre!

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