The Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon is a non-profit service club that raises funds for important causes in Saskatoon.

Together, we can change our community for the better.

We serve our community by investing in the projects and initiatives that need it most. Learn more about how you can help!

Helping to Build a Community

The Kinsmen Club of is comprised of a board of volunteers who investigate, research and decide where donations need to be made in our community the most.

Connecting Dollars and Needs

The Kinsmen Club is a bridge between dollars and those who need money most in our city. We create exciting local fundraisers that bring supporters together in the spirit of giving.

Where do the funds go?

We take the money raised and invest it in areas of our community that need it most. We found that fundraisers are a fun way to raise money while getting into the spirit of the community for a shared vision of a better future.

Kinsmen Club is for Everyone

Are you a donor looking to make a contribution to your local community?

Are you a non-profit in need of funding for a local project?

Are you looking to join one of our sports leagues?

Are you a Saskatoon resident that enjoys free local events that bring our community together?

Together, we can change our community for the better.

Success Stories

Nothing speaks louder than the words of those we have had the privilege of helping! See how your donation changed someone’s life!

We create initiatives that raise funds for non-profit organizations and charities

Work with us to help improve our community