About Us

Learn more about our history, how to join the Kinsmen, and our affiliated organizations.

Improving Local Lives

The Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon is a local service club working to create initiatives that raise funds for non-profit organizations and charities. With the help of volunteers, supporters, and donors, we build strong communities, improve local facilities, enrich our local arts, and give disadvantaged youth a chance to experience sports programs

The Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon is led by professionals from diverse business backgrounds. Our board members volunteer their time to bring a better tomorrow to communities. Our goals and values of excellence, pride, integrity, inclusiveness, and compassion reflect those of the original Kin Canada Club. We have over 70 members and participate in dozens of organized events every year.

Helping to Build Community

The Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon is comprised of a board of volunteers who investigate, research and decide where donations need to be made in our community the most. Because of your donation…

A Child Will Thrive!

  • Over $30,000 to youth sports to develop teamwork and physical literacy.
  • Vital and specialized medical access to children who need it most at the Kinsmen Children’s Centre
  • A child will be given nutritious food at school that they may not otherwise have access to. Healthy food is the fuel that helps growing brains learn!
  • A child will attend a specialized summer camp for the first time and make memories that will last forever.

Families Will Get Support

  • Access to hot meals
  • Over $10,000 donated to Christmas Hampers for families
  • Enjoy a free visit to the Saskatoon Zoo or Theatre in the Park
  • Engage in play at the Kinsmen Park Nutrien Playland

Opportunities for Disabled People

  • Over $13,000 to Kinsmen Manor and Elmwood Residences to ensure disabled individuals have a safe, caring, social environment to live in
  • Free Movie & Popcorn at the Kinsmen Movie Matinee
  • Get into the holiday spirit with Kinsmen Christmas Shopping night!
  • The Kinsmen give those with disabilities a sense of independence by taking them to shop for their loved ones

Charities & Initiatives will Receive Funding

Here are just a few of the organizations we have worked with recently:

We create initiatives that raise funds for non-profit organizations and charities

Work with us to help improve our community